Possession with intent to deliver can often be confusing and misleading for those being charged with the crime. The immediate recognition of the crime would be the handling of illegal drugs with the intent on either delivering them to someone to sell, or selling them yourself. One critical factor in a case of possession with intent to deliver is how much drugs you have been caught with in your possession at the time of an arrest.  The sheer amount and the way it is being carried (packaged) will distinguish the illegal substance from personal use, to that of intent to sell.

As an example, if law enforcement were to confiscate, upon search of your person or property, an amount that was sufficiently classified as ‘personal use,’ you would be charged with a possession charge alone rather than possession with intent to deliver.  Claiming personal use on an amount that is greater than the classification for personal use will result in possession with intent to deliver, despite your purposes for the illegal drugs; which is why it is essential that you have an experienced legal team behind you if you are being investigated or charged with such crime.

Sentencing will largely depend on not just how much you are caught with, but also what kind of drugs are in your possession. Because of the large quantity of drugs that are often associated with possession with intent to deliver charges, the sentencing is going to be far more severe. Jail time is often an outcome because of the severity of the crime, and can increase in length for repeat offenders. Authorities retain the right to seize any property that they suspect was a part of your drug possession as well, including cars, cell phones, and much more.  If you don’t know where to turn, having a legal team that is experienced in this area of criminal law can help protect your rights and prevent you from doing jail time.  Don’t gamble on your future.